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That's Kate

ExpHand Prosthetics founder Kate Walker started the business during her final year at Loughborough University where she studied Product Design Engineering.

"I met a little girl called Zoey 2 years ago and knew I wanted to design an arm that would fit her as she grew and that she'd feel comfortable wearing too."

Kate Walker

Our prostheses are designed for kids like Zoey

Where it all began


Back in 2017 we met a little girl called Zoey who was born with below elbow limb loss. She'd never been offered a prosthetic and we wanted to change that.

We did some research and found that like Zoey, 90% of people across the world don't have access to the prosthetics they need. This is mostly due to lack of doctors, lack of access and expensive products.

Also, kids grow out of prosthetics really quickly, which makes it even harder to make sure they've got the prosthetics they need. 

So we set out to design a prosthetic specifically for kids, and we came up with the ExpHand.


Young Innovators Award


Med-Tech Innovation

3D Printing Award


Santander Universities Emerging Entrepreneurship Competition


LeicestershireLive Innovation Award


Experian Entrepreneur of the Year Award '19


EIT Healthcare Entrepreneurship Competition


Sainsburys Management Fellows Award '19


Enterprising Student of the Year '19


BDO Award '19

Highly Commended

Venture Crawl Pitching Competition


Brenda Dean Award '19

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