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5 Awesomely Inspiring Paralympic Moments

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

With the 2020 Summer Paralympic Games beginning at the end of the month, we thought we’d take a look back at some of their most inspiring moments... spoiler: there’s a lot.

Matt Stutzman Archery Silver Medal Paralympics

1) You might be familiar with Archery from the likes of Robin Hood, but have you ever seen it done like this? American athlete Matt Stutzman won Silver in Archery having been born without arms. Matt holds his bow with his right foot and pulls back the arrow with his teeth!

Rim Ju Song Paralympic Swimmer Korea

2) Although swimmer Rim Ju Song from North Korea came last in the 50-meter freestyle, he was the first Paralympian to represent his country at the Paralympic Games. But did you also know... Rim had only learnt to swim that year!

Eleanore "Ellie" Robinson MBE Swimmer Paralympics Gold

3) Another amazing Paralympic swimmer is Eleanore "Ellie" Robinson MBE. Competing in the S6 50-meter butterfly and 100-meters, Ellie set World Records for both at just 13 years old!

Achmat Hassiem Swimmer "Shark Boy" Paralympics

4) Nicknamed ‘Shark Boy’, a South African swimmer competed in the Paralympics after losing both of his legs in a shark attack, having scared the shark away from his little brother! After winning Bronze in the 100-meter butterfly, Achmat Hassiem shared his secret to swimming so fast... imagining a shark is behind him.

Roland Ezuruike Nigeria Gold Paralympics Powerlifting

5) Last but not least, Nigerian powerlifter Roland Ezuruike not only won Gold at Rio 2016 but set a new World Record after lifting 200kg! But get this, it was 4 times his body weight!

Feeling inspired? We definitely are.

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