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5 Things You Didn't Realise Could Be 3D Printed

3D printed objects are changing lives all over the world in wonderfully different ways. From food to a tortoise shell, here are five things you might never have realised could be 3D printed...

1) Food!

Did you know that 3D printings could be edible? Well, they can!

In 2015, a new 3D printer called the ChefJet Pro 3D was made to print food. The flavours include chocolate, vanilla, mint, sour apple, cherry and watermelon.

There was even an entire PIZZA 3D printed. The company are also able to print foods such as burgers and spaghetti. Is this a taste of the future?

2) A house!

In 2014, a Chinese company called WinSun created the first ever 3D printed house. Using the 3D printers meant that the house didn’t require any manpower and cost less that $5,000 to build.

3) Artwork for the Blind

Classic paintings and artwork are being transformed into 3D printed sculptures. In this form, the visually impaired have a chance to experience and enjoy the art in a new and awesome way that they weren’t able to before.

4) Football boots!

In 2013, Nike showed off its new design of Vapour Laser Talon football boots. These were the first ever 3D printed football boots and were designed to help athletes perform at their best due to their lightwork design and powerful traction grips.

5) A tortoise shell

And finally, we of course had to include a prosthetic.

Say hello to Cleopatra, a tortoise with a 3D printed prosthesis! Due to poor nutrition, Cleopatra’s shell had lots of holes and broken parts which could get infected. To keep her healthy a University student named Henry designed her a 3D printed shell made from biodegradable corn-based plastic.

The shell will protect her until her natural shell heals in a few years.

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