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Limb Difference Awareness And Education

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Support for sending superheroes to school!

Starting school is a very exciting step in children’s lives, but for the families of limb different children the topic of limb difference awareness needs to be addressed. How a child’s limb difference is understood and talked about can have a big effect on their everyday life, their self esteem, and their willingness to study, learn and succeed academically.

You may find that your school has a low level of limb difference awareness and understanding if they’ve never taught a child with a limb difference before. Speaking about it early on will ensure that your child’s limb difference is demystified, and help them to be positively accepted and understood as individuals at their school. These tips from our team are designed to help you broach the subject effectively, but don't forget that if you're also looking for support in other areas then the blog section of the ExpHand website is a great source of support and advice on life with a limb difference in the UK.

Limb difference awareness tips for school Make sure your teacher understands your child's limb difference

Making an ally out of their teacher can also help the school community - both other adults and young people alike - to better understand and accept your child’s difference. You can cover the terminology you would like to be used and how your child likes to talk about their limb difference at this point too - because the right or wrong word can make a world of difference - and you should be sure to reinforce your child’s abilities and interests too.

Limb difference awareness tips for school Talk about limb difference with other students

Talking to other students can also help your child’s experience at school. Books are a great way to spread information and open dialogue about uniqueness, inclusion and the beauty of diversity. We’re currently writing a blog post on this topic so keep an eye out for that in the near future!

Limb difference awareness tips for school My Story: helping explain limb difference

Limb difference charity Reach have produced a lovely little booklet called 'My Story' which children can use to help explain being born with a limb difference to their new friends. You can find it here.

To all our superheroes starting school soon across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - good luck, and remember how special you are!

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