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What's Grey's Anatomy got to do with it?

The month of October is about all things a bit spooky, so we thought we’d look at the rather crazy links between the hit US TV show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and our very own ‘ExpHand Prosthetics’.

If you’ve never watched the show, Grey’s Anatomy follows a group of surgeons at a Seattle hospital as they become fine doctors. So, what does this have to do with us? Well…

1) 3D Printing

Perhaps the strongest link to ExpHand, Grey’s Anatomy features lots of 3D printing technology. During season 10, Dr Grey and Dr Yang fight over the new and exciting 3D printing machine as one tries print a portal vein and the other, a heart.

Later on in the series, Dr Grey and her team use the CubeX 3D printer to build a customized heart and liver model, showing how 3D printing can be used for diagnosis and to decide treatment.

Today, engineering-based solutions are part of standard medical practice and customized prosthetics are common.

… And this is where we come in. Our prosthetic is completely 3D printed, making it customisable, affordable, and extra cool.

2) Furthering Prosthetics

3D printing is just one of the many advancements happening in the world of prosthetics. In Grey’s Anatomy, Derek (a Neuro surgeon) and Callie (an Ortho surgeon) work together to design a prosthetic which uses brain sensors to control its movement.

Advancements in prosthetics are happening in real-life too (including us), and have been life-changing for lots of people. In some cases, the use of brain sensors has been able to restore their motor and sensory abilities. Amazing!

3) Limb Loss

Another similarity is their representation of limb loss in the show. After the plane crash in season 8, Arizona developed a life-threatening infection in her leg which led to it being amputated. In season 9, Arizona goes to the hospital to be fitted for her first prosthetic leg.

At ExpHand Prosthetics, our's are specifically designed for children aged 3-10 years with below-elbow limb reduction. They can also be assembled and fitted at home without needing to see a doctor or a prosthetist, and, unlike Callie's, can come in cool colours.

4) Working with children

Proving that you can achieve your dreams with a prosthetic, Arizona Robbins is the head of Pediatric surgery in the show and takes amazing care of who she calls “tiny humans”.

Although we don’t travel around the studio on roller-skates like Arizona, we too hope to make children feel magical and help them to follow their dreams.

5) Changing Lives

That leads us onto our final link to the iconic Grey’s Anatomy, changing lives.

We know it’s just a TV show, but it highlights the many lives changed through medicine and scientific research. At ExpHand Prosthetics, we hope to do the same and make children with upper limb differences realise a whole new world of opportunity.

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