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Will We Become Cyborgs in the Future?

Bionic designer Hugh Herr believes that we will soon have new bodies that blur the line between the natural and synthetic worlds. In honour of London Tech week, we thought we’d have a look at some of the crazy prosthetics which might just turn us into Cyborgs.

Mind Control...

Although it might seem like something out of a sci-fi film, mind-controlled prostheses are completely real!

This robot arm is part of a research project 10 years in the making. The prosthetic is completely mind-controlled and functions amazingly.

Watch the video below to see it in use:

However, although they figured out mind-control, they haven't yet been able to make it waterproof. Have they tried an umbrella?

The Nerf Gun Prosthetic that Turns You Into a Real-life Megaman

Child holding Nerf gun ready to fire.

Featuring a fully functional Nerf gun, this prosthetic arm can help you to become a real-life Megaman. Wearer's can fire out the foam bullets by flexing their forearm muscles, AND there's even a step-by-step guide to build your very own version, click here to access the guide..

We take no blame for future Nerf Wars!

A new use for LEGO

Pile of colourful LEGO pieces.

As well the Nerf Gun you may have somewhere in the house, LEGO has also been used to build a prosthetic. You heard us right… a prosthetic made entirely from LEGO.

Creator David Aguilar spent his youth obsessed with LEGO, so when he built himself a prosthetic arm, what better material to use for it?

By adding a battery motor he was able to provide some motorised assistance to the limb, letting him open doors and even perform push-ups with the LEGO arm.

Helping amputees to 'feel' again

Hand letting sand fall through fingers to illustrate sense of touch.

The technical breakthrough in prosthese is the 'Luke', nicknamed after Jedi Luke Skywarker (Star Wars). As if that wasn't already cool enough, the prosthetic arm uses neuroscience to allow wearers to touch, clasp and feel objects.

Bionic Eyes

Mechanical eye close up.

But it's not just futuristic limbs being made, Second Sight have developed a robotic retinal prosthesis that acts as a fully functional eye!

The bionic eyes use a mini-camera mounted on special glasses to pass on electrical impulses to the patient’s own retina. A video processing unit then passes on the information to an antenna using wifi, releasing electrical pulses to the eye so that it can see.

Now that's something we'd like to watch.

The Future

ExpHand prosthetics are one of many companies bringing prostheses into the future. With mind-control, LEGO and wifi entering the world of prosthese... are we one step closer to becoming cyborgs? Let us know what you think!



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