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Frequently Asked Questions About Prosthetics

The ExpHand team know that the prospect of life with a limb difference can raise a lot of questions, both for the person with the limb difference as well as their friends and family. From questions about prosthetics to issues around social etiquette and correctness, mental health, explaining things to others, and even dealing with the NHS here in the UK. There can be quite an education involved, and the ExpHand team are proud to provide a wide range of information across our website that help people learn about limb difference and start a conversation about the subject.

On this page we’ll be focusing on questions about prosthetics and the technology behind them, but don't forget that the ExpHand blog is also home to more useful information and resources. There you can find support with the more social aspects of limb difference, and learn more about famous figures from within the limb difference community and their experiences and achievements.

How Do Prosthetic Arms Work?

Can Prosthetic Arms Move?

How Are Prosthetic Arms Controlled?

How Do Prosthetic Arms Move?

How Good Are Prosthetic Arms?

Are Prosthetic Arms Stronger? 

Are There Prosthetic Arms That Move? 

Do Prosthetic Arms Work?

How Advanced Are Prosthetic Arms?

How Much Are Prosthetic Arms? 

Questions about prosthetics - finding further support

If you can't find an answer to your question in the FAQ pages above, don't worry - you can get in touch with the ExpHand team directly using the details on our contact us page, and don't forget that awesome charities like Reach may also be able to help you!

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