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Briony May- our feature of the month!

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

April is Limb Difference Awareness Month and we have chosen to have a Briony May piece as the feature for our blog! Briony is a Bristolian baker, presenter and is best known for appearing on the 2018 series of the Great British Bake Off.

Keep reading to find out more about the amazing Briony May!

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Her limb difference

Her limb difference is congenital and is her hand stopping at the wrist. However, this has not stopped her from achieving so much! She says this is due to her mother's encouragement and the belief that disability does not need to be viewed negatively.

She said her childhood growing up with a limb difference was positive, as she did not encounter any bullying and had the same friends growing up who viewed her limb difference as normal. In addition, her school catered to her limb difference through providing gadgets to assist her in classes!


Her baking began back in 2013 from watching tutorials at home on YouTube. She then entered the Great British Bake Off in 2018. She mentioned how her disability was unmentioned in the show, to be treated like everyone else and for people to create discussions themselves rather than making it a big deal or create labels. Here is a quote from Disability Horizons relating to this:

Briony May on disabled representation on TV:

"There should be more people representing disability on TV without us always having to talk about it. From disabled actors to presenters, we shouldn’t have to focus on it or a disability topic. It should just be natural that we’re there."

Following the Bake Off, she obtained the role as a presenter for Food Unwrapped, which she says she really enjoys despite never considering a career in presenting. In this show she was able to travel for food and drink research. Other TV shows include Loose Women and Blue Peter, as well as food festivals!

She also is an ambassador for Reach Charity (a children's charity helping those with upper limb differences), along with others including Alex Brooker and Lauren Steadman.

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Current projects

Briony May is currently still a member of the Food Unwrapped team, and you can catch up with her work on the series by watching on demand here - check it out!

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Be sure to check out Briony on Food Unwrapped and maybe try out her recipes!


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