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The Hand Book: A New Limb Different Parenting Advice Book

Updated: May 11, 2023

As the ExpHand team have covered elsewhere on our site, across the world there are many different organisations that seek to educate and support individuals with limb differences, and their families. Likewise, one thing that relatives of a limb different child often look for when it comes to support is limb different parenting advice - tips that can help the family of a limb different child raise them appropriately One such support organisation has recently released a book that is a must-read for adults looking for limb different parenting advice, and so in this article, the ExpHand team will provide an overview of the book, its contents, and how it helps parents navigate the challenges of limb difference.

Who is ASSH?

ASSH is the 'American Society for Surgery of the Hand' - a professional medical society that specialises in hand and upper limb surgery. This organisation is made up of physicians, therapists, and healthcare professionals who are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with hand and upper limb differences or health conditions.

ASSH works to advance the practice of hand surgery, provide education and resources for healthcare professionals, and support patients and their families in a number of ways - including by providing limb different parenting advice.

More about their new book

The new limb different parenting advice book from ASSH is simply titled "The Hand Book: An Informational Guide for Parents of Children with Hand Differences" The book is a comprehensive guide that provides parents with the information, resources, and support they need to help their limb-different children thrive, and it is written by an authoritative organisation with a clear understanding of the subject matter and the issues at hand.

What topics does this limb different parenting advice book cover?

Understanding Limb Differences

Rather than starting out by getting straight into items of limb different parenting advice, the book begins with a section on understanding limb differences. It provides an overview of the different types of limb differences and their causes, including congenital limb differences and acquired limb differences. It also explains the causes of limb differences, such as genetic factors, environmental factors, and injuries. Language and terminology around limb difference is also addressed in this section.

Dealing with Healthcare Professionals, Hospitals and Other Entities

The book's second section provides specific limb different parenting advice on dealing with healthcare professionals, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals or entities that you or your child may have dealings with over the course of diagnosis and / or treatment. The material here recognises that navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming for parents of children with limb differences, and provides practical tips on how to find the right healthcare professionals, and how to communicate effectively with doctors and therapists.

In addition to the people involved, this section of ‘The Hand Book’ addresses potential treatments and assistive devices that a child may need to undergo, or as part of daily life. Here the book talks about surgery options, prosthetic options, and therapeutic approaches that can help a limb different child live a more independent life.

Growing up with a Limb Difference

The book's third section focuses on growing up with a limb difference. The limb different parenting advice available here focuses more on how to help children with limb differences navigate the physical and social challenges that they may encounter as part of everyday life, such as school, or social interactions with friends and family. The book does also deal with the stigma that can be felt around limb difference, but it balances this out by providing helpful support on how to access the wider limb different community, and educate other social circles that the child may be a part of about their limb difference.

How the Book Helps Parents Navigate the Challenges of Limb Difference

‘The Hand Book’ by ASSH is a comprehensive, invaluable resource for parents of children with limb differences. It provides practical limb different parenting advice, expert insights, and emotional support that can help both parents and children navigate the challenges of limb difference.

The book recognises that raising a child with a limb difference can be challenging, and seeks to empower both parents and children by providing dedicated limb different parenting advice, and useful information on the practical tools they may need to succeed. In addition, ‘The Hand Book's content can also be a real source of emotional support for parents of limb-different children too.

How to Get a Copy of the Book

If you are a parent of a child with limb difference, the book from ASSH is a must-read. You can purchase a copy of ‘The Hand Book’ direct from the ASSH online store, to quickly and easily access the limb different parenting advice that it contains.

Other Resources for Parents of Children with Limb Differences

However, ‘The Hand Book’ is not the only source of limb different parenting advice and other practical and emotional support for limb different families there are many other resources out there that are part of the limb-different community - including support groups, advocacy organisations, even online locations like the ExpHand blog too.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on the Importance of the Book from ASSH

In conclusion, we feel that 'The Hand Book' from ASSH is a must-read for parents of children with limb differences. The book may well have been written primarily for an American audience, but it still provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and dealing with limb differences, as well as practical advice, expert insights, and emotional support to help parents navigate the challenges of parenting a child with a limb difference. These are challenges and issues that cross borders, meaning that no matter where in the world you live, if you're the parent of a limb different child then this book is likely to be a great resource for you.

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