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What is limb difference support all about?

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

At ExpHand Prosthetics, we are incredibly proud to be a part of the limb difference community, a supplier of support to that community, and also doing our bit to lend a hand in the wider world of disability. But, what is limb difference support exactly, and how does it help the various members of the limb difference community that it touches? Today, you need wonder no more, as in this little corner of our website the Exphand team explain more about what is limb difference support, and the things that we love about the limb different community that provide it - let's take a look!

What is limb difference community support all about? 1) Lots of meaningful advice, help, and understanding that really makes a difference

Every day we witness the unconditional support people in the limb difference community are willing to share with one another. Charities such as Lucky Fin Project, Reach and Limbo Foundation are all fantastic places to meet other families and children with limb differences. Whether an individual is born with a limb difference or acquires one through life events, in this community they never walk alone!

What is limb difference community support all about? 2) Endless Inspiration

From braving the first day of school to winning gold at the Paralympic games, the limb difference community inspire us, every single day with their activities and accomplishments. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to role models, from Great British Bake-off contestant, Briony May to Paralympic Swimmer Toni Shaw, people with limb differences are showing that they are limitless.

What is limb difference community support all about? 3) Your Impact

Finally, one of the things we love about the limb difference community is the continued strive for change. The creativity and drive of the community creates real change, making the world a more understanding and inclusive place for people with limb differences. From our studio in Loughborough to the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, there are people working hard spreading the word about what the limb different community can do, fundraising, working on awareness campaigns, and making a difference all over the world and our combined impact is huge.

What do you love most about the limb difference community? Let us know in the comments section and don't forget to check back in with the ExpHand blog for more news and inspirational stories about life with a limb difference in the UK, and beyond.

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